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Salisbury College Australia

Salisbury College Australia (SCA), is a prestigious and evolutionary college, which commenced its endeavours in 2017. Our college provides a sincere, kind and welcoming atmosphere for our staff and students. At SCA an individual can advance to their full potential in a united learning environment. We are committed to providing a quality service to our students, which will ensure that they are supplied with all the tools necessary to fulfil their career goals. We currently offer courses in Vocational Education and English. 

Salisbury College Australia is located on Levels 4, 5 at 14 Railway Parade, Burwood NSW 2134 (see map). We are strategically located, just a few minutes walk from Burwood Station.
In addition, there are many restaurants, shops, parks, post offices, a public library and two large shopping centers including Westfield with the cinema.

The city of Sydney is a great location for our students, as Sydney is a vibrant, growing and lively city that will allow our students to explore and discover the city in a new light. The students will be combining their studies with leisure activities and this will assist them to settle into their educational lives more efficiently. Our aim is to provide quality teaching on a practical level to our students, making sure they are actively involved in the learning process.

Why study at SCA?

  • We create excellent job opportunities to secure the future of our students.
  • Our purpose is to ensure that we deliver quality teaching on a practical level to our students, making sure that they are engaged and actively learning.
  • Australia’s leading providers of quality education in the areas of English language, Business and Marketing.
  • A modern and vibrant college in Sydney with students from all over the word.

Salisbury College Australia’s Core Values are

  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Empowerment
  • Quality
  • Unity
This defines the type of working environment that we wish to demonstrate in society and in the business world. In order to achieve our core mission statements, we endeavour to provide a quality learning environment for our students with the best resources that we have to offer, and also to ensure that we provide a well-balanced and creative atmosphere for our staff and our stakeholders.