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Hello Students,

My name is Roshan Thammitaarachchi. I began my career as a chef in Sri Lanka in year 2000. My passion for cooking soon gets widen and wanted to explore more about the world cuisine, which brought me to Dubai. Besides, I began the development of my palate during my work with French and German chefs in Madinat Jumeirah luxury five-star hotel in Dubai. I work for international hotel group such as IHG, Accor, Jumeirah, Hyatt and Starwood and experiencing with re-branding, pre-opening of major hotel brands in middle-east and Australia. I achieved exceptional knowledge of how to set up a professional kitchen and up and running.

I have shown my culinary skills over the past years, not only participating in WACS culinary competitions in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia, but also representing Australian National Team and winning medals from Bronze, Silver to Gold.

As a chairman of judges and a committee member of the Australian culinary Federation NSW, ACT & Regions, I have been in charge for young chefs’ development and assists to fellow judges during the national and regional competitions. I am looking forward to share my experience with you to develop your professional career in the kitchen Management.

Best regards,
Roshan Thammitaarachchi